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June 21–27, 2015
Storytelling workshop in Montana. June 21-27, 2015

October 19, 2014
National Geographic Storytelling workshop in New York City with Melissa Farlow
New york, NY

October 12, 2014
National Geographic Storytelling Workshop in Phoenix with Melissa Farlow.
Phoenix, AZ

October 7, 2014
Featured Speaker at Adobe Max in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles

March 16, 2014
National Geographic Story Telling Workshop
Seattle, Washington

March 13–15, 2014
Northern Short Course Workshop
Warick, RI

March 7–8, 2014
Association of Media Photographers Portfolio Review
Boise, Idaho

March 2, 2014
National Geographic Story Telling Workshop
Washington, DC National Geographic

October 18–November 27, 2013
Exhibit at Nikon Gallery in Prague
Prague, Czech republic

October 24–27, 2013
Speaking at Photo Plus Expo in NYC.
New York, NY

Unscheduled – August 18, 2013
Photography Workshop in Sri Lanka
Kandy, Sri Lanka

June 23–30, 2013
Join us in the pristine Centennial Valley in Southwest Montana, June 23-30, 2013 for an enlightening week as you take your passion for photography and make a difference in your life’s work. Learn more at
Centennial Valley, Montana

January 14–April 14, 2012
" Design for a Living World" Exhibit opening at Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden for the Nature Conservancy.

February 19–25, 2012
Teaching Multimedia Workshop for National Geographic at the Santa Fe Workshops.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 27–February 3, 2012
Judge for World Press Photos in Amsterdam.

Unscheduled – January 25, 2012
Lecture to accompany opening of Design for a Living World exhibit for the Nature Conservancy in Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens.

January 20–22, 2012
Judge for Photo Philanthropy grant in San Francisco.
San Francisco

October 24–November 5, 2011
Leading Workshop in India with PhotoQuest Adventures.

August 30–September 11, 2011
Leading workshop in Vietnam with PhotoQuest Adventures.

May 24–26, 2011
Speaking in Rome at the International Women's Forum
Rome, Italy

May 12, 2011
" Design for a Living World" Exhibit opening at Field Museum for the Nature Conservancy.
Chicago, Illinois

Unscheduled – April 17, 2011
Exhibit Opening at Through The Lens gallery.
Durham, NC

Unscheduled – April 15, 2011
" Design for a Living World" Exhibit opening at Millennium Park for the Nature Conservancy.
Chicago, Illinois

February 27–March 5, 2011
Teaching Multimedia Storytelling at Santa Fe workshop.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

February 8–25, 2011
Photographing in Turkey for a book project.
Cappadocia, Turkey

January 16, 2011
Speaking at Imaging Expo in San Antonio, Texas.
San Antonio, Texas

November 1, 2010
Speaking at Adorama  on Storytelling and Multimedia in New York.
New York City

October 16–30, 2010
Shooting Films on Climate Change for Oxfam GB to be shown at the next meeting on Climate Change in Mexico.
Bangladesh and India

October 13–15, 2010
Speaking at The International Women's Forum "Water, Wealth and Power"
Montreal , Canada

October 8–11, 2010
Team Leader at the Eddie Adams Workshop
Jeffersonville, NY

September 25–26, 2010
Speaking at PhotoCine Expo at the LA Film School
Los Angeles

September 24, 2010 launch during the Clinton Global Initiative
SoHo House in NYC

August 9–September 22, 2010
Producing Documentary film in Bangladesh on Migration and Climate Change

July 29, 2010
Annenberg Space for Photography
Iris Nights

Los Angeles

June 20–27, 2010
Foundry Workshop

March 25–April 4, 2010
Documentary Project on Women's Health
Sierre Leone

March 4–6, 2010
Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona

January 10–12, 2010
Imaging USA. Speaking for Nikon about working with video and multimedia
Nashville, Tennessee

May 14, 2009 – January 4, 2010
Design for a Living World Exhibit
Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York