The holiday season is here. To celebrate, I am offering a special package to bring panda joy into the lives of your friends, family and yourself. If you order by the New Year, for just $450, you will receive signed 11×16 inch fine-art print of Yeye in the Mist (value is $550) AND an autographed copy of Panda Love: The Secret Life of Pandas.

All photographs are printed on archival paper which is designed to meet museum longevity requirements.

Are you looking for a larger print of Yeye in the Mist? CLICK HERE FOR LARGER YEYE PRINTS. It’s also available at 16×24 inches for $675 and 20×30 inches for $925. Until Dec. 31, every Yeye print will come with your very owned signed copy of Panda Love. You can purchase single signed copies of Panda Love here.

Domestic shipping for the Panda Love and the 11×16 inch Yeye in the Mist package is $25; Shipping to Canada is $50; International shipping is $75.

If you have any questions prior to purchase, please contact me .