Learn with Ami

Ami is available directly through her studio or as a speaker for National Geographic Speakers Bureau. Watch Ami speak at National Geographic.

Ami believes in the importance of helping new and emerging photographers find their voice and develop their talent. She offers insightful, honest advice and will discuss your career aspirations over a one-hour Skype call. She also holds intimate workshops in Montana, where you can join other aspiring photographers to make pictures, discuss your work and learn from one another under Ami’s guidance. Additionally, Ami recently partnered with National Geographic to lead photographic expeditions in various locations around the world. Ami’s schedule for the workshops and expeditions varies depending on her current work; check back to see when one is coming up.

Ami Vitale is also available for speaking engagements and has given many talks on her experiences, sharing the lessons and inspiration she’s gained during her time shooting in over 90 countries. Whether speaking to students, donors, corporations or nonprofits, Ami provides refreshing insights and personal backstories that engage and excite audiences. She produces special programming for each audience, such as inspiration for the next generation, teaching visual storytelling to nonprofits or motivating employees in a corporate setting.


Learn with Ami

Workshops & Events

Join Ami Vitale for an enlightening experience as she guides you to take your passion for photography to the next level and make a difference in your life’s work. Ami will help you find a niche in today's changing world of photography. She believes this is a perfect time to tell important stories, reach new audiences and and have a powerful impact.

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