Lavazza Calendar: Good to Earth

The 2019 Lavazza Calendar “Good to Earth” made its debut on November 21st in Turin, Italy. In it,  Ami Vitale shares the experience of some good news for the Earth through photographs that tell the stories of commitment to protect the planet. Nature is the dominant force in the project developed in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program and under the creative direction of Armando Testa, entailing the creation of six works of environmental nature art installations on four continents. See the calendar.

The Lavazza Calendar “Good to Earth” tells the story of the good example set by people who are committed to protecting the planet, in the form of photographs by Ami Vitale and six works of art set in the natural environment. Because, despite everything, there is goodness on Earth. And this is precisely what the American photojournalist’s images celebrate, the good news from the Earth for the Earth, identified throughout the world in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

“Nature is the ultimate work of art, but in the Lavazza Calendar it is also a blank canvas on which to capture our love for the environment. So, with an unconventional mix of fine art photography by Ami Vitale and six works of nature art installations, a contemporary art form in which the natural setting plays a vital role, we tell the story of the Good to Earth projects that are good for the Earth. Today we are deeply in need of good news stories like this: positive examples of good behavior and personal stories of redemption and environmental requalification that we hope will have an influence on people, and young people in particular, inspiring them to make their own commitment to protect our planet,” commented Lavazza Group Board Member Francesca Lavazza.

The photographs in the 2019 Lavazza Calendar were shot by Ami Vitale, the American National Geographic Magazine photojournalist highly regarded throughout the world for her ability to describe and experience and the surreal beauty of nature. The winner of six World Press Photo prizes, Ami Vitale has documented the wild nature and poachers of Africa, told the story of conflict between man and the environment, and worked on initiatives to save the northern white rhinoceros and reintroduce the panda into its natural habitat. Her “live the story” philosophy has taken her to over 100 countries, where she’s lived in mud huts and war zones, as well as catching malaria and disguising herself as a panda to tell the story of their secret life (Ami Vitale is the author of the best seller “Panda Love”).

The “Good to Earth” Calendar, a creative project by Armando Testa, made its debut on November 21st in Turin, in the Nuvola Lavazza. The event revealed the photographs by Ami Vitale and the original works of nature art installations produced by six artists, each using a different technique, which became an integral part of the landscape, in harmony with the ecosystem and vegetation. The six works are inspired by six good projects for the Earth, identified by Lavazza and the United Nations Environment Program on four continents and six countries: from Colombia to Switzerland and from Kenya to Thailand, via Belgium and Morocco.

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