New Beginnings

Thank you Jayson Singe of for helping me design my original website which was created almost nine years ago. Nine years… eternity in the world of the web. I am grateful for his immense talent, sensibilities and innovative ideas. The site helped launch my career as a photojournalist and also became a prototype for many of the online flash portfolios that photographers and artists use today. It has taken me much too long, but with help from another wonderfully talented designer, Mike Schmidt,, I have a new design that fits my needs in today’s ever changing online world. One of the main considerations was to use HTML and the challenge was to design it elegantly without the slick capabilities of Flash. HTML can be inflexible; the confusing array of screen resolutions makes design imprecise and often frustrating. Mike managed to find ways to merge WordPress with, an online archive, and I have a site that I hope will engage you.  I’ll be adding more material weekly so please check back and thanks for taking the time to look! Please feel free to send back ideas, criticisms and suggestions.